Monday, December 5, 2011

Successful flip with JD Castillo at New Western Acquisitions

J.D. Castillo has been providing investment properties in and around the Metroplex for near a decade.  He is by far someone who will provide his clients with absolute honesty and integrity.  I've personally witnessed him advise an investor to NOT purchase a property from his firm because he simply thought it wasn't the right deal for the right investor.  His personal philosophy is to plug the right deal into the right investor for their success.  He believes that his success will come only after first providing success to his clients.  Click on the link to Meet JD!


  1. Do you have any other investors that have testimonies for properties in Fort Worth?

  2. i should have another video in the next few weeks with an investor that did a small in me and i'll make sure you are the first to see it!