Thursday, April 12, 2012

Buy-Fix-Sell strategy is looking to be profitable for summer 2012 in DFW

Sales are on the rise, and are vastly increasing in North Texas.

     According to the volume of sales reported through closed transactions this year,  home sales have recovered to numbers that existed in 2008 as the month of March closed out.  And, that's not the most exciting part.  Based on the projections of how rapidly sales volume is exceeding in North Texas, we should begin to see volume at a level of 2007 by summer (or possibly more).

     For investors, this is great news!  It will allow professional real estate investors to diversify exit strategies from what the market has dictated for the past 3 years.  Until now, it has not been easy to buy-fix and sell investment properties since the banking collapse of late 2008.  Most investors have resorted to primarily using the buy-fix-rent strategy to gain moderate passive income and a much better return than the institutional market has been providing for typical investing.  They savvy investor has resorted to owner finance as their primary exit strategy which allows an above average, but slightly longer return.

     With the volume this year, and the exponentially increasing amount of sales, this appears to be shaping up for the buy-fix-sell investor to have a great summer season.  And, it makes total sense.  Jobs are here.  Affordable cost of living is here.  Everyone wants to be in Texas.  Just look around.  I have never seen more out of state tags in Texas than now.  The secret is out!